Video Of Woman Mowing Lawn During Wedding Sparks Debate

A couple who wanted to make their wedding day special by having it on the front lawn of their house wound up experiencing a rather rude interruption after a neighbor began mowing her lawn.

As wedding guests captured the couple’s big day, some background noise can be heard disrupting the ceremony.

The viral video shows a woman mowing her lawn as the wedding begins.

The bride’s walk down the aisle was accompanied by the sound of a motor and, according to the guest who captured the moment, the entire ceremony was disrupted.

The video had the caption, “She continued through the entire wedding and we could not hear the vows, etc.”

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According to the person who posted the video, the woman was well aware of the wedding taking place, however, didn’t stop her moving at all.

The TikToker claims they confronted the woman about the noise but says she was extremely rude and did not cease.

“It was gonna get violent so we just tried to ignore her and not feed in to make it any worse,” the TikToker wrote.

People criticized the woman for her behavior.

Internet users were furious to see that the woman was ruining the wedding on purpose as she could see the couple having their ceremony but she still went on with her mowing.


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