Watch America’s Got Talent’s Teen Dancer Earn A Standing Ovation From Sofia Vergara In Moving New Episode Clip

America’s Got Talent got off to a very strong start with the first two episodes of Season 14, and the first two golden buzzer winners moved audiences and judges to tears, The next episode, airing on NBC on June 14, will feature a teenage dancer whose performance will also have a strong impact on at least one of the judges. In an exclusive clip for the next episode (seen above), Australian 18-year-old Max Ostler will deliver a performance that earns a standing ovation from Sofia Vergara herself. Check it out!

Both Sofia Vergara and Heidi Klum look quite moved by what Max Ostler delivered in his America’s Got Talent audition, with his dance set to James Arthur’s “Falling Like The Stars.” Still, Vergara is the member of the judges’ panel who wasted no time in getting to her feet for the ovation, and the audience members behind her were quick to stand as well. Howie Mandel and Simon Cowell were certainly applauding, so will the teenage dancer get the votes that he needs to move on?

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