We Can’t Stop Staring At These Stunningly Modified Pontiac GTOs

When most people think of muscle cars, the first cars that come to mind are Mustangs and Camaros. However, true gearheads know for a fact that those two are technically pony cars, and that there are other muscle cars that are just as interesting as the two aforementioned vehicles. One brand that hit the nail right on the head was Pontiac back in the 1960s and 1970s.

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The GTO is a breath-taking vehicle. It is definitely not one of the worst Pontiac muscle cars to ever touch the tarmac. In fact, the GTO is unarguably the best muscle car Pontiac made during its tenure as an automaker. Consequently, muscle heads out there did not need to spend precious time deciding which Pontiac muscle car would be the most appropriate for a project.

10 Cherry

The Pontiac GTO is one of those cars that defined the domestic automotive industry. Upon its release, the elongated two-door coupe was looked upon as a great alternative to the overly popular Mustangs and Camaros. Though the pony cars remain legendary until today, the original GTO has something that both the Mustang and the Camaro are missing.

This beautifully modified GTO is the sort of Pontiac car gearheads would buy right now. The first thing people will notice is the red line on the tires that matches both the rims and the body paint perfectly. That is not where the good stuff ends. This candy-painted GTO was fitted with a 6.2L LS3 V8 that creates 480hp.

9 classy lady

The first generation GTO received a facelift in 1967. Thanks to a new really impressive front end, the GTO became much more aggressive-looking. Unlike the previous production year, the 1967 GTO became an instant classic and is still perceived as one of the best GTOs ever made by Pontiac.

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The Budnik rims on this beauty are the most obvious sign that the car is far from stock. As GTOs from the 1960s are among the best GTOs ever made, it is nice to see a restomod project that did not include severe bodywork. A nice 461ci V8 sits under the hood. It is unclear whether it was fitted with a supercharger or not.

8th LS Beast

In spite of the facelift the GTO received in 1967, Pontiac decided to completely transform the GTO and give it more of a boxy, muscular look that was extremely popular at the time. Though Pontiac had several impressive vehicles being marketed, the GTO was a great alternative to more expensive muscle cars.

This sick GTO is the sort of tuned classic muscle car that is producing an insane amount of power. Thanks to LS3 V8 tuned by Wegner Motorsports, this beast is capable of producing 600hp. However, by looking at this car, most modern muscle car owners will pull over and let this beauty tear up the asphalt.

7 Black Widow

The fastback-shaped GTO released in 1968 logically became a huge success. Thanks to amazing engines and racy looks, the car became one of the favorite muscle cars among the younger drivers. Fast-forward five decades and the very people driving those classic monsters are looking into turning them into more modern powerful muscles.

This murdered-out GTO was modified very conservatively. Under the hood is a LS1 from a 2001 Camaro, making it far more powerful than the original GTO, assuming this GTO was one of the lower trims.

6 Pro tourer

When looking at the 1969 GTO, the first thing that comes to mind is big block V8 and an insane amount of torque. Though that is very accurate, there are ways to improve this amazing muscle car. Multiple treatments have been applied to turn the GTO into a beast. However, one treatment is getting increasingly popular across the board.

The only information available about this GTO is that its engine was replaced by a LS1 engine. The LS1, when left stock, produces between 345hp and 350hp. That is acceptable for a car that size, but nowhere as crazy as some of the restomod projects we’ve seen.

5 Drag ready

Australia truly is a weird place. However, if there is one thing that America and Australia have in common is the capacity to modify muscle cars to the extreme.

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This beautifully modded GTO is producing ridiculous amounts of power. The engine used to create this demonic GTO is a 427ci LSX V8. Fitted with two monstrous turbo among other high-performance parts, this 2,400hp GTO is by far the meanest looking GTO car fans may have seen in a while.

4 Judge Pro Tourer

Given the notoriety of the GTO, it is quite normal that professional tuners have adopted it to create their yearly project. For shows like SEMA, it is of utmost importance to pick a great base and apply the right modifications to it. However, it is important to keep in mind that originality is the name of the game at SEMA.

A car destined to be showcased at SEMA is very unlikely to be tame. Well, this GTO is not. Under the hood is a craftily modded 505ci Pontiac big block engine that produces 660hp. By looking at the size of the back wheels, this GTO must be the queen of burnouts. Sure, burnouts are dumb, but they are fun.

3 Classic Restomod

There is nothing more iconic than a Pontiac GTO The Judge. From the time the car was advertised until today, The judge has been the muscle car that had generations of gearheads daydreaming. Decades after its release, The Judge is still one of the coolest GTO ever made and is the perfect base for a project.

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This judge is the kind of restomod project that will fool most muscle car drivers. It seems like it only received a set of pro-touring rims, and nothing else. Though the back information on this car is unavailable, it is safe to assume that some work must have been done under the hood.

2 Monster GTO

The last generation of GTO was nowhere as good as the generations released during the 1960s and 1970s. As a matter of fact, the last GTO was a huge flop. No one fell for its dull design. Despite having a 6.0L V8 that developed 400hp at best (which is better than the Mustang and Camaro of the same era), the GTO was never the muscle car of choice.

Though the last GTO was a huge letdown, it is a great base for some of the most gnarly projects. This LS1 powered GTO is also equipped with a F1 Procharger which helps the car produce about 800hp at the wheels. Though it’s not the most aggressive-looking car out there, this GTO sure will turn some heads.

1 Blue Beast

As GTOs are one of the best and under-utilized bases to set up a mind-blowing restomod project, it is quite normal that tuners are increasingly looking at its potential. As more popular muscle cars have been over-utilized by amateur and professional tuners over the last couple of years, they are now looking for something a bit more singular.

This GTO is the definition of a monster. With an LSX engine crate prepared by Wegner Motorsports, the GTO can annihilate most souped-up new-gen Mustangs as it produces a solid 900hp. The LSX is topped with a Whipple supercharger, which makes this GTO the ultimate super muscle car.

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