We Just Discovered These Pics Of Sick Pontiac GTOs

Few American cars boast a cult following like the Pontiac GTO. The first generation of the GTO came out in the ’60s, and immediately got fame because it was the first muscle car of the era. It saw manufacturing from 1964-1974, and during those few years left a lasting impression on the minds of American consumers. Furthermore, there’s just something about these V8 boasting fire breathers that make car enthusiasts weak around the knees. There are just no two ways about it, if you’re a fan of American muscles you’re a fan of the GTO.

What makes the muscle cars so special is that they’re easily customizable and everyone loves putting their own signature touch on the car. Whether it be a custom hood or an entire body kit, people love taking good care of their precious GTOs. Those who don’t own one, can only help but appreciate the rugged beauty of these hardcore machines. Here we just discovered these pics of sick Pontiac GTOs!

15 Custom Silver GTO

This beautiful 1964 Pontiac GTO features a lowered ride height and an exceptional custom silver paintjob. The hood features twin scoops, and underneath is a cast-iron block water-cooled V8 engine. It’s capable of producing 348-horsepower and is capable of accelerating from 0-60mph in 6.6 seconds!

14 Custom Classic GTO

One of the most iconic features of the 67′ GTO is the brilliant front grille. It looks sublime with this epic custom paint job and chrome bumper in the back. It features a slightly larger version of the same V8 engine that knocks back 360-horsepower and allows the Pontiac to maintain the 0-60mph in 6.6 seconds!

13 Red GTO

There’s just something so iconic about the classic Pontiac GTO in the color red. The 67′ version of the model is famous for that beautiful looking rear end, powering these bruisers was the same formula, a water-cooled V8 that’s capable of delivering upwards of 300 horsepower. For many people of this generation is their favorite.

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Another sick GTO from 65 boasts one of the meanest paintjobs I’ve seen. The car looks like it belongs in a superhero movie. It’s a very subtle navy blue that’s going to look drop-dead gorgeous when the light hits it right. The chrome wheel fenders are also a nice addition!

11 66 GTO Custom (Red+Silver)

Getting a two-tone color scheme right isn’t an easy job at all. However, this custom 66 GTO pulls off the look with aplomb. It’s got a brilliant combination of metallic red and silver, that combine to make one fantastic looking car. The ride’s height has also been lowered to get that proper low-rider look.

10 66 GTO Custom (Yellow+Black)

Look at that front end! With a brilliant grille and intimate yet elegant design, the 66 Pontiac GTO blew fans away. This particular model features a custom yellow paint job. What really completes the look is the wheels. It really helps take the aesthetics of the car to the next level.

9 1968 GTO Convertible (Red+Gray)

When you’re talking about the most gorgeous muscle cars ever to hit the road, the 68′ GTO convertible is a sure pick. The car has everything, the length, the look, and the performance to back it up. This one features a brilliant red paint job that works exceptionally well with the custom white soft-top.

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8th 69 Pontiac GTO Jim Wanger

While the 68 model of the GTO had more of a focus on refinement and elegance, it was back to muscle car roots with the 69 version of the model. You’ll notice that the side profile of the car resembles the modern muscle cars of today. The brilliant orange paintjob might be too much from some, but it looks fantastic on this car.

7 70 Pontiac GTO

With the advent of the 70s, Pontiac shook up the formula for the GTO quite significantly. The new Endura nose of the car is truly elevating the design to a whole other level. This custom turquoise paintjob does justice to the bruiser nature of the car. After all it could go from 0-60mph in close to 6 seconds!

6 71 Pontiac GTO

You’ll notice that round about this time, the Pontiac GTO kind of stops looking like a muscle car. Sure the custom scoop on the hood, makes the car look more intimate, but there’s just something it lacks. Regardless, this custom 71 model features one of the cleanest paint jobs you’ll ever see!

5 72 Pontiac GTO

After diving away for a year, Pontiac was once again back at acknowledging their muscle car roots. This classic 72 Pontiac features a lovely dark green colour, that’s got just a dash of yellow to the side. The chrome side skirts are also a great edition, and go perfectly with the front and rear bumpers!

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4 73 Pontiac GTO

Talk about a mean-looking car, the 73 GTO is one that you definitely do not want to mess with. The Red GTO badge on the side looks very appealing against the glossy black color of the car. Once again powering these hunkering machines was a fire breathing V8, capable of accelerations that were up there with the best of them!

3 74 Custom Ventura GTO

1974 marks the last year of these classic V8 bruisers saw production. The model just couldn’t survive the new stricter environmental laws in place. It’s become quite a special car now given its status as one of the last. This faded red paint actually suits the car.

2 06′ Pontiac GTO

The Pontiac GTO made a comeback from 2004-2006 in Australia, and we’ve got to say the new direction had promise. It looks like an exciting modern sports coupe. This one features a lowered ride, and custom painted black wheels that go well with the red color of the car. However, these only saw production in Australia

1 72 Custom Convertible

During the 70s, Pontiac was definitely trying to move towards the Luxury muscle car segment. It becomes evident when you look at the beautiful cream interior of the car. This custom convertible features a slightly raised stance, and a fantastic orange paintjob that looks surprisingly stunning. You’d definitely turning heads driving around in this beauty!

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