Which Character Are You, Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

With Fear The Walking Dead Already renewed for season 8, many fans are relieved that they get to have one more season with their favorite cast and crew. While fans do love the drama and action sequences that come with the show, what has compelled most viewers to stick with the AMC franchise is the fact that they know how to create characters that truly feel real.

Through flashbacks, prequel stories, interconnected plotlines, and character arcs, fans have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know and relating to the band of survivors. With such intense personalities too, like the bold Morgan and the fearless Luciana, it’s also pretty clear which sign of the zodiac they fall under as well.



Daniel Sharman as Troy Otto in Fear The Walking Dead

Antagonist Troy seemed to enjoy and thrive in post-apocalyptic life more than any other character. His fiery personality, wild charisma, and impulsive tendencies make him an easily identifiable Aries.

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Seeing to take the phrase “embracing the chaos” to heart, Troy thrived in risky environments and enjoyed taking chances, relying on his charm and wit to carry him through tumultuous situations with ease.


Fear the Walking Dead Alicia

One of the only surviving characters from season 1, Alicia has proven herself throughout the series to be reliable, hard-working yet stubborn. It took Alicia time to come to terms with the fact that the apocalypse had ended her old life and she was now living in a new reality, which is something most head-strong Taurus’ can relate to.

But heading into season 7, Alicia has evolved and grown into great bravery, proving herself grounded and able to overcome hard and daunting situations.

Gemini: Charlie

Alexa Nisenson as Charlie in Fear The Walking Dead

The adaptable Gemini, like Charlie, use their quick wits to their advantage. As much as fans may disagree with her actions, Charlie’s resourcefulness and quick decision-making have seen her through even the slimmest of odds, surviving the apocalypse as an orphan.

Her sense of self-preservation is admirable and character-defining, yet it often overshadows the youthful curiosity that is at her core.

Cancer: John

Garret Dillahunt as John Dorie in Fear The Walking Dead

Fan favorite John Dorie had a tough exterior that protected his very sensitive and romantic side. Like a typical Cancer, John was not only protective of himself, but also of the people he cared about.

His willingness to break down his own walls in order to form a connection with June showed his unwavering loyalty and patience, attributes that make him one of the most endearing kinds of Cancer signs.

Leo: Althea

Maggie Grace as Althea in Fear the Walking Dead

Big-hearted Althea represents the dedicated and protective side of Leos. Honoring her brother by documenting survivors’ stories demonstrates the fiercely loyal and brave attributes that characterize this fire star sign.

Despite spending time honoring the past, Althea’s confidence and capability ground her in the present and make her uniquely qualified for surviving in the post-apocalyptic world.

Virgo: Madison

Kim Dickens as Madison Clark in Fear the Walking Dead

Maddison’s practicality is a defining feature of Virgos. While the tactics she uses may sometimes feel cold, they are only done to protect her family and loved ones, who she has great kindness and compassion for.

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Virgos can be selfless for the right people, which the viewers regularly see from Maddison, (most notably when she sacrificed herself at the Stadium in season 4). Her precision and logical mind have proved her to be a fighter that can keep herself and others safe.

Libra: Morgan

Lennie James as Morgan Jones in Fear The Walking Dead

The desire for fairness and order is at the core of Morgan’s personality making him a Libra. While seeking balance is what predicates his actions, his desire for it in the post-apocalyptic world can cause Morgan to be indecisive and unpredictable at times.

His dedication to fairness makes him an excellent leader and his honesty and sense of morality serve not only him, but those around him as well.

Scorpio: Victor

Colman Domingo as Victor Strand in Fear Walking Dead

Artfully cunning, Victor’s calculating nature and sharp tongue (which see him say some pretty memorable quotes) allow him to survive at all costs. While he may be a con-man Victor, like many Scorpios, Victor is inherently charming and strangely likable.

While he may be misunderstood, he, like a lot of Scorpios, looks deeply into himself and is not as callous as he may appear on the surface. In the landscape of an apocalypse with no rules and no reason, Victor’s intense desire for survival is an asset to himself and those around him.

Sagittarius: Luciana

Danay Garica as Luciana in Fear the Walking Dead

Bravery and determination define Luciana as a Sagittarius. Her analytical nature and self-assurance make her unafraid to make hard decisions. While she may come off as overly critical and headstrong, she is also reliable and thoughtful.

The Sagittarius spirit inside of Luciana makes it hard for her to trust others, but she is quick to establish that others can trust her, courageously putting them before her often volunteering as a protector.


Dwight in Fear The Walking Dead Season 6

Formerly blinded by his ambition, Dwight has channeled his Capricorn tendencies for good as he seeks to redeem his former actions as one of Negan’s right-hand men. The path to righteousness has called for determination and a tough shell (which Dwight has delivered by making personal sacrifices and putting himself in danger for the greater good).

His hardworking and driven nature means that like many, Capricorns, once his mind is set on something, it is only a matter of time before it happens.

Aquarius: Daniel

A secret humanitarian, Daniel draws others to him with his survival capabilities and people skills. Aquarius’ are self-reliant and clever, attributes which make Daniel one of the most prepared people to handle life in an apocalyptic world.

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While his stubbornness may cause him to lose sight of the small things, his deep love for his family makes him an exceptional Aquarius.

Pisces: June

Empathetic and easy-going, former ICU nurse June brings a rare optimization to a zombie-ridden world. Like a true Pisces, June cares deeply for others and is always very in tune with their emotions, but sometimes loses sight of her own.

Like a lot of water signs, June is easy to like, but hard to pin down. Whether being called Naomi, Laura, or June, this Pisces brings a refreshing energy to hopeless-seeming situations.

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