Why 90 Day Fiancé’s Natalie Is Accused Of Lying About Her Weight Loss

90 Day Fiancé cast member Natalie Mordovtseva is losing weight and living her best life after leaving Mike Youngquist. Some fans are suspicious.

Natalie Mordovtseva’s weight-loss makeover after her split from 90 Day Fiancé husband Mike Youngquist is grabbing attention for all the wrong reasons. Natalie started out her career as a reality TV star in 90 Day Fiancé season 7 with Mike, whom she met through mutual friends. Natalie used to work as a TV actress and journalist back in Kyiv and had to let go of her job to move to America and stay in the woods. The small-town life is not something Natalie desired, and it soon led to the demise of her married life with Mike. Although fans had no hopes of Mike and Natalie staying together for long, she left him in under a year, as documented on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? season 6.


Fans were mostly team Mike during his and Natalie’s fights since her arguments seemed pretty unreasonable and unrealistic. She knew what to expect while living in Sequim, WA, when she moved there, even though Natalie had broken up with Mike and given him her ring back. Natalie expected Mike to spend more time with her than on his job. She faced clashes with Mike’s mom, Trish Youngquist, who always thought Natalie was in it for the green card. Natalie revealed she was on antidepressants during her marriage with Mike. The stress of it had made her gain almost 30 pounds. The insecurity of her new body made Natalie Photoshop her waist, face, and body parts for Instagram photos. She went so far with it that fans wrongly assumed Natalie was pregnant since she always appeared to make her tummy area small with editing.

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However, Natalie’s latest Instagram photos from 2022 still suggest she’s been relying on Photoshop to look different on social media. A popular subreddit r/InstagramReality user mocked Natalie for her heavy use of filters to slim down her face and body while creating a “healthy” recipe with imitation crab for her IG followers. ,FaceTuned and airbrushed to hell,” wrote u/MsquaredAsquared about Natalie’s picture. They wrote how while Natalie is a pretty woman, this is not what she looks like. Natalie’s chin looks pointier, and her teeth have been whitened to the extent of making them look like cartoon dentures.

When Natalie started losing weight and showed off her new tip-top figure on Instagram, she also announced a coaching program called My Fitness Way in June 2021. The aspiring model and Florida resident Natalie had joined an intermittent fasting (IF) Facebook group and apparently started seeing results within one and a half months thanks to exercising, IF, and the keto diet. However, fans who had watched Natalie admitting to getting liposuction done on her tummy, waist, back, and chin in an April 2021 Instagram Live begged to differ with her weight-loss hacks. Additionally, Natalie had recommended cryotherapy to her followers in another deleted IG video. ,It’s so cool,” Natalie had exclaimed while promising fans that she’d share a video on how cryo was helping her lose weight.

It’s possible that while Natalie is proud of her figure, she doesn’t want to give away her weight-loss secrets to 90 Day Fiancé fans. The way Natalie keeps going around in circles whenever anyone asks her about her transformation shows it’s not just gymming or swimming that’s helped the Ukrainian beauty shed her extra pounds. Regardless, Natalie is almost back to her original shape and is looking a lot like the Natalie fans first saw in Kyiv in 90 Day Fiancé season 7. Although it may sound funny, perhaps the biggest secret of Natalie’s weight loss is her dumping Mike, after all.

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Source: u/MsquaredAsquared/Reddit

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