Why Tory Stays With Cobra Kai In Season 5 (Despite S4’s Ending Reveal)

The Cobra Kai season 5 trailer reveals that despite Terry’s cheating, Tory won’t immediately leave the dojo. Here’s why she could decide to stay.

It seems that in spite of Cobra Kai Season 4’s ending twist, Tory Nichols won’t immediately part ways with Terry Silver’s dojo when the show returns. The Cobra Kai season 5 trailer confirmed that Tory is still counted as one of Silver’s students. Footage from the trailer showed her punching a wooden dummy similar to the one that Daniel practiced on at Terry’s behist in The Karate Kid Part III.

Tory has long been one of Cobra Kai’s best fighters. However, the season 4 finale seemingly sets the stage for Tory to sever her ties with the dojo for good. After finally getting the win she craved, Tory was understandably shattered to discover that Silver paid off a referee to ensure her victory. Finding this out would of course be enough motivation for Tory to leave Cobra Kai behind, but then the show gave her another reason when Silver turned on Kreese. By putting Kreese behind bars for a crime he didn’t commit, Silver was able to successfully take over the Cobra Kai dojo. Since it was Kreese – and not Silver – that was Tory’s mentor in the show, it became all the more likely that Tory would quit.


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Tory leaving Cobra Kai at some point is still possible, but the trailer confirms that she’ll remain with the dojo for at least part of the season. She may not know that Silver framed Kreese, but her mentor’s absence and Silver’s cheating are certainly good enough reasons to leave. Why she won’t could be attributed to Silver’s wealth and influence. In the same way that he fixed the outcome of the All Valley Karate Tournament, Silver could use his money to keep Tory quiet and at his side. It’s no secret that Tory’s mother is in such a bad situation financially and health-wise that Tory is having to work to pay her medical bills. If Silver tried to appease her by paying them himself, that could very well be an offer that Tory may feel she can’t refuse.

Cobra Kai Season 5 Tory

Using Tory’s mother could be how Silver keeps her in check in Cobra Kai season 5. Given how conniving and cruel he can be, leveraging her mother’s medical expenses is a move that would make sense for his character. After all, it wouldn’t be good for him if Tory went to the LaRussos with what she saw the day of the tournament. They may not be able to prove any wrongdoing on their own, but her word would be a good start. Giving Tory what she wants most can be how he keeps her from becoming a problem.

Also, Tory is on track to be his best fighter in Cobra Kai season 5. Robby’s reconciliation with Johnny makes it all but certain that his days with the dojo are over. Per his own admission, he had no real loyalty to Silver or Kreese anyway. With Robby gone, the next best weapon at his disposal would be Tory, who he will surely attempt to use to his advantage in the struggles ahead with Johnny, Daniel, and Chozen. The use of Karate Kid Part III’s dummy in the trailer indicates that he’ll look to make her even better as a fighter more ruthless than ever. Not letting Silver change and trying to get out from under his thumb may be Tory’s biggest challenges in Cobra Kai season 5.

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