Why We Love Ken Block’s Outrageously Powerful Hoonicorn

We already wrote a lot about Ken Block and his outstanding achievements in the rally world and the Gymkhana series. This project has gained global popularity and birthed some best modified cars and trucks we have ever seen. But the chances are you knew that already.

As much as the Gymkhana series drew the attention of the public from the second Ken Block started it, the world went truly wild when the rally driver introduced the custom-built Mustang in 2014. Block and his team took the 1965 Ford Mustang and transformed it into a high-performance machine. The new Mustang was called the Hoonicorn (a nice little word game), and it features crazy specs and design.

But it seemed Block and his team weren’t satisfied with the Mustang that packed a 410 cubic-inch V8 and its 845 horsepower. Soon enough, they developed an even more powerful version of the same car, naming it the Hoonicorn V2. This ride is, without any exaggeration, among the most powerful ones Block has driven, as he likes to say himself.

Are you interested to find out the specs behind this wild ride? Do you desire to know why we and the entire Gymkhana fan base (and beyond) love the Hoonicorn? Stay with our review and learn more about this Ken Block’s unique ride.

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The Hoonicorn Is A Monstrous Version Of The 1965 Ford Mustang

As we mentioned, the Hoonicorn V1 first came to be. Block drove it into Gymkhana 7, which was held on the streets of Los Angeles. If you missed this video, we kindly recommend it, as it shows some wild stunts only Block would pull off.

Anyhow, the first Hoonicorn was built based on NASCAR specs, featuring a 410 cubic-inch Ford V8 that outputs 845 horsepower and 976.18 Nm @ 6500 rpm. An all-wheel-drive and six-speed transmission are also nice additions. The engine was able to let Block reach the top speed of 200 mph and go from 0 to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds. Of course, this was not enough for a rally star.

So, Block and his team kept the same engine but modified it with a custom twin-turbo setup. This resulted in 1,400 horsepower and 1,250 lb-ft of torque in total. The Hoonicorn V1 was already insanely powerful, but the V2 truly tipped the scale. Block split the performance in half, being able to reach the top speed of 255 mph and go from 0 to 60 mph in 1.8 seconds with the new Hoonicorn. How amazing is that? It’s hard to wonder who wouldn’t love a ride that delivers such a monstrous performance.

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The Crazy Design Makes The Hoonicorn One Of The Kind

Simply put, the Hoonicorn is a wild machine that looks just like that — a machine. This is not a car you praise for its smooth lines and beautiful design. Everything on the Hoonicorn screams performance, from the engine under the hood to the rear bumper and lightweight but strong fiber body panels.

Likewise, the Hoonicorn is bare stripped inside, or so to say. Of course, Ken Block’s ride is all about practicality, with racing seats and an intuitive panel that helps you reach top speeds and drift on the road. There’s nothing standard about it in terms of comfort and luxury.

But that’s precisely what we like about the Hoonicorn. Built on the Ford Mustang base but heavily modified, Ken Block’s Hoonicorn is a one of a kind car you don’t get to see anywhere else. It’s simply a recognizable specimen of the Gymkhana series we love so much even today.

The Hoonicorn Now Has Sentimental Value

Now, Ken Block enjoyed his Hoonicorn for quite a while before something unexpected (at least for us) happened. After 11 years of successful and super exciting partnership, Block and Ford decided to part ways in 2021.

“It’s simply been a dream come true to work with the company that built the truck my Dad drove when I was a teenager,” said Block. “I’m super appreciative to Ford for the support over the years, but I am also looking forward to what an unrestricted 2021 holds.”

So, unfortunately, the dream came to an end, and thus, the famous Hoonicorn was back on Ford’s premises. Although we’re not happy with this outcome, there’s still something positive about it. As Ford now has the Hoonicorn, we can hope the iconic American brand will put it on sale at some point.

We also love that the Hoonicorn will bring that part of the rich history between Block and Ford to the new owner. Whoever buys the Hoonicorn (if that happens at all, of course) will be able to brag about having the last bit of the famous partnership in the garage.

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