Why Welcome To Plathville Fans Think Kim’s Dance Studio Will Fail

Kim Plath’s studio which she opened in Welcome To Plathville season 4 has been tagged as a business likely to fail by fans of the reality TV show.

Welcome To Plathville matriarch Kim Plath recently opened up a dance studio in Cairo, Georgia, but some fans of the reality TV show believe that Kim’s studio isn’t set up for success. Kim has always had a passion for dance, and she took that passion a step further when she opened up her own dance studio. However, some viewers believe that Kim can’t manage a successful business, and this will eventually lead to the failure of her dance studio.

Welcome To Plathville season 4 has come with a lot of new surprises, especially when it comes to Kim. She seems to have undergone a complete transformation and is no longer the person everyone thought she was. Now Kim appears to be a lot freer, wearing more revealing clothes and putting her focus on other things outside being a mother or wife. the whole Welcome To Plathville series, viewers have seen Kim, who fans call a hypocrite, teach her children various forms of dance. Now, Kim has opened up her own adult dance studio called Grady Central Dance Studio. Her studio offers multiple dance lessons, from ballet to belly dancing and even self-defense.


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Sometimes passion alone isn’t enough to guarantee a successful business, and Kim might just be experiencing this first hand. Some Welcome To Plathville fans have picked up on how Kim has been struggling to run her dance studio recently, and they have taken to social media to air their opinions on how Kim’s dance studio will eventually fail. According to Reddit user, Capital_Print_2460, Kim isnt making much money from her studio. Since her relationship with her husband and Welcome To Plathville castmate Barry Plath has been on the rocks for most of the season, it’s hard to imagine where her next paycheck will come from if they end up divorced. ,She’s barely making any money there. What will she do for income when her and Barry divorce” they added. Another Reddit user, DOG-DEAD-DRUNK, believes it’s only a matter of time before Kim’s dance studio goes bankrupt. ” That dance studio is gonna go bankrupt by next yearthey said.

Not only do Welcome To Platville fans believe that Kim’s studio is struggling financially, but some people also believe that Kim’s dance studio lacks proper planning and organization, which may ultimately lead to the closure of her studio. Starting with how Kim, who’s winning fans with her vulnerability, doesn’t have a professional license to teach dance, and not many people are willing to take dance lessons from her. Also, Kim’s studio has a nonexistent online presence, with terrible photos that don’t depict what her studio has to offer. As fellow Redditor Gretti68 said, “I worked for a dance studio for a few years, and the business side is grueling. The studio can only be open for a short few hours a day as kids are in school. Not to mention Kim is confusing being flexible with being a ballerina. I give it a year, at best,

Kim might currently be in complete control of many things happening in her life, but the Welcome To Plathville star doesn’t seem to be in control of her business. A passion-turned-business venture can be good if it’s managed properly, but it’s obvious that Kim is yet to realize this. This coming year will be a pivotal point in Kim’s life, and her decisions now will either make or break her.

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