Women’s Rowing Competitions at the Lake Wheeler Invitational

RALEIGH, NC – The Owls competed at the Lake Wheeler Invitational Friday and Saturday. The two-day event was co-hosted by Duke and UNC Women’s Rowing. The Owls competed in three rounds of racing over the duration of the two-day event, with the first two rounds taking place on Friday and the last round on Saturday. The Cherry and White raced in the Varsity 8, 2nd Varsity 8, Varsity 4, and 2nd Varsity 4 events.

From the Coach

“We really leaned into the competitive opportunity that we had in front of us this weekend”, said head coach Rebecca Grzybowski, “We leveled up in many ways throughout the racing – in ways that allowed us to see some immediate progress from session to session, and also in ways that will set us up for success in the weeks and months to come.”

“We used this race to stretch ourselves and firm up parts of our race plan that we needed. We also exposed parts of our racing that need more work in the buildup to our conference championship in three weeks.”

“Through it all, the intensity and enthusiasm remain strong, and we are excited to push hard into these final weeks together.”

Race Results

Round 1
>The 2nd Varsity 4 boat kicked off the racing day for the Owls. The boat finished fourth in their heat with a time 8:16.353. The Owls clocked in 1.5 seconds faster than Duke’s 3rd Varsity 4.
>The Varsity 4 placed fifth in their heat with a time of 8:03.132.
>The 2nd Varsity 8 takes fifth in their heat, being 2.7 seconds off Oklahoma. The Owls clocked in with a time of 7:06.937
>The Varsity 8 finished off the first round of racing for the Owls. The boat clocked in a time of 6:49.980, taking fifth in the heat.
Round 2
>The 2nd Varsity 4 places fifth in their heat with a time of 8:25.917
>The Varsity 4 clocks in at 8:03.881 in their heat and took fifth place.
>The Owls 2nd Varsity 8 put up an impressive time. The Owls placed third in their heat behind Miami with a time of 7:00.452 while besting Boston College in a photo finish by .033 seconds.
>The Owls Varsity 8 finished fourth with a time of 6:51.559. The Cherry and White were three seconds shy off of Miami and five seconds ahead of Boston College.
Round 3
>The 2nd Varsity 4 places fourth in their heat with a time of 8:22.955
>The Varsity 4 clocks in at 8:07.299 in their heat and took sixth place.
>The Owls 2nd Varsity 8 claims fourth place. The Cherry and White finished ahead of Navy (7:00.482) and Boston College (7:03.955) with a time of 6:59.162.
>The Varsity 8 boat rounded out the race day and put up a time of 6:53.124. The Owls placed fifth in their heat ahead of Boston College (6:54.016).

Up Next
> Temple will race at next Sunday’s Eastern Sprints in Worcester, Mass.


Women’s V8 Women’s 2V8
Boat Good Trouble Boat Alexa
C – Round 1– Patel
Round 2 & 3,
C – Keslar
8 – Wollengschlaeger 8 – simpson
7 – Biddulph 7 – Dulin
6 – Spaeth 6 – Kiriacos
5 – Page 5 – Llewellyn
4 – hackett 4 – Milne
3 – bangura 3 – hillis
2 – Tierney 2 – Gorman
1 – Kiley 1 – DiMarco
Women’s V4 Women’s 2V4
Boat Marguerite Boat Gratitude
C – Arters C – Mascione
4 – Bielinski 4 – McInnis
3 – Berry 3 – McHugh-Freedenberg
2 – Fox 2 – Playdon
1 – petronick 1- Campion

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