World Bicycle Day: 5 Cycling tours in India you must undertake with friends

Do you want to reminisce those old golden days when you freely ride on your cycle without giving a damn about anything? Well, it is the perfect time to recall the ancient moments but with a very new spirit and on a bigger scale. Cycling tours have gained much momentum and are on the verge to become a leading trend among travellers. And why not! It’s a safe, affordable and sustainable way of roaming while keeping your health in check. What’s more? Take your childhood friends with you to rejoice in the happy memories of the past. Now that you are finally thinking about going on a cycling tour, here is a list of the finest cycling trails that you should definitely consider:

1. Chennai to Puducherry

This cycling trail in South India is one of the easiest routes that not only make you buckle up with excitement but also provides you with scenic views. This route holds a stretch of 150 km, connecting the passage of Chennai to Puducherry through Mahabalipuram and is a sure-fire way to mesmerise yourself in the soothing surroundings and peaceful nature along with breathtaking seaside views. The clean and clear roads will add up to your experience while giving a refreshing treat to your lungs. The duration of this tour lies between 1-2 days.

2. Somnath to Diu

This route is slightly challenging as compared to the trail of Chennai to Puducherry but the picturesque views and thrill the passage offers are completely worth a try. Holds a distance of 200 km, each and every peddle you take will dive you deep into the natural beauty of coconut farms, clear blue skies with the background chirping of migratory birds. The passage is slightly rough and rugged but views of the beautiful aqua sea that is running on one side of the trail will definitely make everything easy for you. The duration of this tour is 3 days.

Somnath to Diu

3. Mangalore to Goa

Yet another trail that offers the amalgamation of scenic beauty with adventure along the coastline, the route of Mangalore to Goa is enclosed with beautiful lush trees and pleases your eyes while making your sojourn beautiful. Witness beautiful beaches and quaint villages by taking breaks and refresh yourself in the chilled waterfalls and temples of South India. This tour is slightly bigger than the above-written ones and usually holds a duration of one week.

4. Coorg to Munnar

Peddling in the Nilgiris that bestows surreal beauty is a completely different experience in itself. The twisting roads fenced in the beautiful boundaries of big lush trees, dense forests and hills will enhance the experience of your tour. Unraveling this beauty comes with its own fair share of challenges. Don’t fret! The passage is moderately challenging and the rich coffee plantations you will witness will keep you fresh, energized and awakened.

Coorg to Munnar

5. Ahmedabad to Jaipur

With an escalated duration of 10-12 days, this scenic North trail is just perfect to go on a cycling spree. While strolling in the streets with your cycle, you will explore rich history and culture going from Ahmedabad to Jaipur. The deserted highways with the beautiful unending landscape will spellbind you like nothing else. Once in Rajasthan, give yourself a treat of local delicacies and admire the architectural beauty of forts and lakes.

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