Wushu claims smear campaign by coaches to discredit sport’s progress

Wushu Federation of Sri Lanka (WFSL) President Manel Dharmakeerthi claimed that coaches Kapila Sabapathi and Prabath Manuranga along with vice president of the WFSL Jagath Caldera have launched out on a campaign to discredit him.

“As the president of the Federation for more than 30 years I gave my best to promote this sport as well as provide more infrastructure facilities with the support of the Sport Ministry, National Olympic Committee as well as support from countries like China, South Asia and the world Wushu body,” said Dharmakeerthi in response to made by Sabapathi and Manuranga that were published in the Sunday Observer last week.

Dharmakeerthi who is also a senior international Wushu referee and Jury member claimed that Sabapathi, Manuranga and Caldera have question marks against their own conduct.

“I do not have any personal agendas apart from promoting the sport and my conduct was never in question with regard to any corruption.

“Kapila Sabapathi who was handling the pool in 2017 and Prabath Manuranga the 2021 National coach worked with us. If they point out me as a corrupt person, then all three were responsible for these corruption,” said Dharmakeerthi. Among the technology were misleading Sports Ministry officials by holding the Annual General Meeting via zoom without the participation of the entire membership and mismanagement of Ministry funds.

“We always did everything according to Sports Ministry criteria and never mismanaged Ministry funds. We noticed all 61 member associations by registered post letters and I have proof. We gave them enough time of 21 days and nominations were submitted to the Federation during the 21 days.

“However some Association members pointed out the difficulties to take part in the AGM on May 27 especially due to the pandemic as well as the lockdown situation.

“We gave more opportunities for the late comers and more than 35 member Associations took part. All these activities were conducted according to the Federation’s Constitution and officials of Polonnaruwa, Galgamuwa, Walasmulla, Matara and Badulla pointed out their difficulties to take part in the AGM. We clearly explained this situation to the Director General of Sports and got the permission to conduct the AGM through Zoom technology.

“Krishanthi Jayawardena the Sports Ministry coordinating officer for Wushu was an observer at this AGM and there were no corruption charges.

“Kapila Sabapathi was National ‘Sanda’ head coach for 12 years at three South Asian Games in 2011, 2016 and 2019.

“I clearly said to him we must win at least a bronze medal from the Nepal SAG but he couldn’t produce that result as a coach.

“I gave my full support to Prabath Manuranga but today he makes fake against me and that is a real joke,” said Dharmakeerthi.

He alleged that Caldera never passed a local or foreign coaching exam but boasted about his qualification and did nothing that benefitted wushu for 26 years.


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