Your Personal Walking Dead Character (Based On Your Zodiac Sign)

The apocalyptic world of The Walking Dead has no short supply of interested characters. Just because the ways of the old world were abandoned after the arrival of the walkers doesn’t mean that the Zodiac should go with it. With such a large and complex cast, there’s bound to be a perfect character for each astrological designate.

Read on to discover which character from The Walking Dead Screen Rant has paired with each Zodiac sign and why each fan-favorite character made the cut.

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Aries: Alpha

Alpha Aries Walking Dead Image Comics

These Fire signs are very meticulous and do what they must in order to lead. And few Walking Dead leaders have demonstrated the ruthlessness in leadership as much as the Whisperer’s Alpha. Alpha has shown no qualms with killing, and is so detached it appears the only thing she cares for is the power she holds over her people. Aries can sometimes be emotionally stunted, which is absolutely seen in the way Alpha emotionally and physically abuses her daughter, Lydia. While an Aries’ self-assertiveness can be a good thing, it made Alpha a chilling force to be reckoned with.


Leo: Negan

Negan Leo Walking Dead Image Comics

Leos have the tendency to be bold, showman types, often exuding a warmth with a pleasing disposition. sure enough, The Walking Dead’s Negan fits this bill with his mostly friendly demeanor. Leos tend to be principled people and Negan has shown to be one of the most reasonable antagonists encountered by the main characters, going so far as to kill his own men for assaulting the defenseless. But Negan has also demonstrated a proclivity to violence and impulsiveness, two of Leo’s most dangerous traits. The natural leadership displayed by Negan also helps him cinch his pick as Leo.

Sagittarius: Maggie

Maggie Sagitarius Walking Dead Image Comics

In a harsh world, it pays to be adaptable like a Sagittarius. And few characters have gone through as powerful a change in The Walking Dead as much as Maggie has. From losing her family and facing death numerous times, Maggie had to navigate a lot. Thankfully the Sagittarius is a resilient sign and they can take on any challenge presented to them. Those born under Sagittarius have passion burning within them, something seen in Maggie as she shed her initial weaknesses over time and becomes the dynamic leader the stars had in mind for her.


Rick Grimes Taurus Walking Dead Image Comics

There really is no better sign for central protagonist Rick Grimes other than Taurus. These Earth signs are hard-working and dedicated, if not a bit stubborn. The Walking Dead had few committed to bringing back society as much as Rick. And his relentless determination makes him a perfect candidate for Taurus. Sure they can be prone to anger, but in a world filled with some pretty malignant forces, Rick’s drive and hard work helped keep his family and friends alive. The fact that society even had a shot at coming back and staying that way long after his death is a testament to Rick’s industrious spirit.

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Virgo: Michonne

Michonne Virgo Walking Dead Image Comics

If there’s a star sign for the practical and the determined, it’s Virgo. And who better to embody that role than The Walking Dead’s Michonne? She always finds new and creative ways to deal with the walkers and thinks up ways to dispatch those that would do the main characters harm. Michonne practically has the spirit of Virgo flowing through her veins. Beyond her action hero ways, Michonne has other positive Virgo traits such as intense loyalty to her friends. The world of The Walking Dead is tough, but the Virgo’s ability to think quickly kept characters like Michonne alive for the long haul.


Governor Capricorn Walking Dead Image Comics

Sorry Capricorns, but the truth is there’s some pretty negative traits associated with this sign and The Walking Dead’s Governor has a lion’s share of them. Stubborn and prone to brutality: these just scratch the surface of the worst traits of the series’ first major antagonist. While Capricorns do have good diplomatic personalities and can make stellar leaders, the Governor utilizes his power to indulge in his worst desires. Most Capricorns are likely nowhere near the monster the Governor is, but he definitely epitomizes the anger, selfishness, and impulsivity the sign is often stereotyped for.

Gemini: Glenn

Glenn Gemini Walking Dead Image Comics

In his time as part of Rick’s group of survivors, Glenn was a highly resourceful and intelligent character. Like most Geminis, The Walking Dead’s Glenn is shown to be clever and quite the social butterfly. Glenn is the perfect model of a Gemini, displaying their best traits such as their honesty and creativity. The optimism and positive attitude of this Gemini served the group well and made him one of the most beloved characters in the series.

Libra: Jesus

Jesus Libra Walking Dead Image Comics

One can’t discuss the astrological signs without mentioning the extroverted and empathetic Libras. And more than anyone else, Paul “Jesus” Monroe deserves to be the face of these friendly Air signs. Many Libras are known to be caring and people of action. It didn’t take long for The Walking Dead’s Jesus to prove himself by running in to dispatch walkers or saving his closest companions. Jesus’s brilliant tactical mind is another point in his favor as Libras are also highly logical and cool under pressure.

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Aquarius: Tireese

Tireese Aquarius Walking Dead Image Comics

Tyreese was a righteous man who put himself in the role of a defender. Such powerful conviction and caring attitude makes him the perfect pick for Aquarius. Aquarians are devoted to their families and communities, much like how Tyreese took it upon himself to keep his people safe. Though he possessed the worst Aquarius traits such as his temper and emotional insecurity, The Walking Dead’s Tyreese also demonstrated their best traits such as their ability to forge strong bonds with others.

Cancer: Carl

Carl Grimes Cancer Walking Dead Image Comics

totally The Walking Dead, Carl Grimes is shown to be a highly complex individual, making him the perfect match for the Cancer star sign. Cancers can be pretty temperamental and quite stubborn, but they are extremely family-oriented and place a great deal of value on their loved ones. The young Grimes and his relationship with his father is one of The Walking Dead’s core themes. Carl’s ending love of his family is perhaps the best reason for his assignment as Cancer.

Scorpio: Abraham

Abraham Scorpio Walking Dead Image Comics

While The Walking Dead’s Abraham may be a bit rough around the edges, he became one of the Survivors’ best assets and created some powerful bonds. Despite their intimidating name, Scorpios have many positive traits such as bravery and being emotionally deep. Scorpios, like Abraham, are never one to back down from a fight and are quite fearless and bold. Though a bit mysterious, Abraham was always a gentle giant and the very best kind of Scorpio.

Pisces: Andrea

Andrea Pisces Walking Dead Image Comics

The take-action and driven Pisces of the world may see shades of themselves in Andrea. The ace shooter of The Walking Dead takes Pisces’ best traits of wisdom and integrity and uses them for the benefit of others. Whether she’s teaching others to shoot or picking up a gun herself, Andrea is community-oriented and, like many other Pisces, uses her skills for the benefit of all.

It’s hard to pick a dozen characters out of a stacked cast to best represent each sign, but hopefully any Walking Dead fan will be satisfied with their choice.

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