YouTube star admits to losing millions over boxing event ahead of return to ring

ACE Family star and former college basketball standout Austin McBroom beat TikTok’s Bryce Hall in his first fight, but behind the scenes his debut was a disaster

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YouTube star Austin McBroom claims he has settled all outstanding payments after his boxing debut failed to deliver at the box office and cost him a fortune.

The social media sensation, who runs the ACE Family YouTube channel, beat Bryce Hall in front of tens of thousands at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami last summer. But despite a seemingly successful event on the night, the show drew just shy of 150,000 pay-per-views against a predicted number in the millions.

McBroom was criticized by those involved for failing to pay fighters and staff, but insists that the issues have been dealt with as he prepares to announce the return of his Social Gloves promotion this evening. The American is expected face AnEsonGib in his next outing, and released a statement to clarify the latest goings on around his last show.

“Dear Youtubers vs TikTokers event,” he said in a lengthy Instagram story. “I first want to start out by saying thank you to every – single fighter who participated. Thank you all for being part of an event that people still talk about and will continue to talk about for a while. We made history together!

“Regardless of what people have said about the business side of the event, the entertainment side of the event was incredible – amassing over two billion impressions and fighters gaining millions of followers. The event was the first of its kind. Who can say, they had 16 of the top social media guys get in the ring and fight each other, we did that and we did it first.

Austin McBroom admitted that he lost millions on his boxing debut


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“Thank you all for being patient though this unexpected journey. Big thank you to [basketball player] James Harden for believing in a vision and turning it into a reality. without you. None of it would have been possible. You’re a good man and a great friend.”

There were concerns over fighters being paid, while broadcasters including Jonathan Coachman who announced the show and Marcos Villegas who provided backstage interviews still claim not to have been paid. Former UFC star Paige VanZant also appeared on the show in an analyst role, but has not commented on whether or not she was paid.

“With all that being said,” McBroom continued. “I am glad to say, all of the fighters have been compensated (a few that are pending due to them potentially participating in the new event) and that we all are officially able to move forward despite the less-than-expected financial results.

“All of the lawsuits have been resolved, including the lawsuits between [LivexLive; the event’s broadcaster] and Social Gloves. This was Social Gloves first event. And the lessons learned-many of them the hard way-during this process only makes me excited.

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“We live. We learn. We try to get better. The fighters were not the only ones who got short-changed. Not only did I not get paid to fight, I lost millions out of my own pocket investing in the event and trying to do right by you.”

McBroom believes that the outside-of-the-ring issues are being used to discredit him as a boxer. He did comfortably beat Hall, but despite being tipped as KSI’s next opponent for a long time, it now appears he must go another direction.

“Unfortunately, this is the only excuse y’all use against me to take away from my boxing abilities,” he added. “And it’s time that comes to an end. I’ve always believed the hard lessons are what make who were are. If you never take risk you aren’t truly challenging yourself.

“I’ve kept my side of the story private until now, I’ll slowly open up about everything leading up to my next fight. Moving forward, my next fight is with new partners who have been in the boxing space for years and this is what they do for a living.

“Had I found these partners before our event, perhaps the outcome would have been different. Everyone stay tuned for my next fight in July. Announcing the official date and my opponent tomorrow!”

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