YouTuber Adds A Burnt Dodge Charger Hellcat Redeye To Collection

Even a damaged version of this modern muscle car remains valuable.

Folks who follow Dearborn, Michigan-based YouTuber Khal SRT know the dude is totally into dodges Chargers. So deep is his infatuation that he’s even building his own version of the mythical Ghoul in his garage, even duplicating the fake model’s logo for posterity. Khal also doesn’t care about the car’s condition; in his latest video that debuted Sunday, he even dropped some coin on a burnt Charger Hellcat widebody with hopes of restoring the beast. And why not? Those Hellcats ranked among the best muscle cars hitting the road these days.

Charger Caught Fire During Delivery

This damaged Dodge is somewhat special to Khal in that he knows its former owner. The Hellcat caught fire in a trailer just before starting its journey from Michigan to Los Angeles. Khal also happened to be around for the loading when the fire started. Once folks finally put out the flames, the multi-colored muscle car roof over the rear passenger section all the way back to the trunk suffered from extensive charring that resembled the inside of a briquette barbecue.

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“I was in the trailer when it happened,” recalled Khal when he and his buddies check out the vehicle after the owner shipped it to the YouTuber’s home after hours. “The guy was cool, he was supposed to deliver it to the shop, but he was nice enough to bring it here.”

Dodge Electric Systems Operational

In near-total darkness Khal and company begin an overall inspection. Khal’s first concern involves whether the battery is working. After a bit of fumbling with the flashlight and his jump box, Khal discovers this Redeye still has power. A horn honk confirms it. “That’s a good sign so far,” said Khal.

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The tires and wheels don’t look damaged, but the previous owner configured the Redeye chassis so close to the ground, unloading it off the flatbed down the ramp might be an issue. It’s a painful process to get the Dodge off the truck, with the exhaust rubbing on the ground and parts of the car getting snagged on chains to the point where a few pieces fall off during a series of entanglements.

Redeye Parts Swapping In The Plans

Khal isn’t exactly sure what he wants to do with the burnt-out Charger. He might swap out parts with another Redeye he owns and wants to check out whether the seats and upholstery are worth keeping after that fire. He’ll likely make most of those decisions in subsequent videos.

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